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The third band that rocks…

So Rock Band 3 has been confirmed. I’ve decided to compile a list of features I would like to see in RB3.

1. Full platform compatibility

Harmonix has been licensing songs for the ‘Rock Band Platform’ now rather than a specific game, so I see no reason why previous songs (other than the obvious 3/4 RB1 songs) shouldn’t carry over.

2. Better venue effects

I’d love to see all songs having individual animations (similar to how GH manages things) as there’s only so many times that you can watch the small set of RB2 animations before they get repetitive.

3. Replace music videos with dreamscapes

Let’s face it, the music videos are a bit dull – they’re basically the same thing over and over. So why not introduce Beatles’ style dreamscapes? LRB was on the way with the power challenges, why not do something like that for a main Rock Band. I’d much rather have a custom dreamscape for the song come up in Quickplay than a music video.

4. Bassvox love

I know that quite a few people like to play an instrument and sing at the same time, however in the past there has always been a kerfuffle involving loading it up as if 2 people are playing. Theoretically, if the two parts are owned by one player, they could share overdrive meaning a second controller won’t be necessary.

5. Multiplayer scroll speed fix

This is one of the most annoying things about RB at the moment – for no explainable reason, when 2 people are playing on different difficulties, all the tracks go the same speed. This means if you play expert but your mate plays medium, you’re stuck with your tortoise track.

6. Party mode

This would be considered stealing from GH5, but it is absolutely necessary. I’ve had several parties with music games being played but nearly always end up playing GH because when you have a room full of people who don’t usually play games, it can be a nightmare in the RB quickplay – getting everyone signed into the game, switching instruments when people get bored, adding another guitar in, stopping kids from randomly whacking the drums in the menus etc.

7. Optional censoring

This is a biggie for me. Although HMX are nowhere near as vicious at censoring as Neversoft, it’s still pretty annoying and can disrupt the flow of the song. What could be done is to achieve the T/12+/PG rating the game could censor by default, then HMX could release an optional patch which provides the option to turn the censorship off.


I’ve made a predicted setlist on the RB forums at this link.

I’ll probably come up with more suggestions at some point soon, and feel free to leave comments on which improvements you’d like 🙂


HGSS Card Development

Here we go… from my post at on the Acanthite forums.

Hello everybody, I have a fairly big announcement here Tongue

I’ve been working on a decent HGSS faking set-up as currently all we have is the blanks and that’s about it.While a lot of people have tried to take things into their own hands, quite often there have been problems of people not knowing for example what fonts to use, etc.

This is why I have started to try and create some sweet new resources for people to use. As there has only been one HGSS set so far (in English) there are some things currently missing but I thought I’d just post what I have.


No-one ever seems to have trainer-support so this was something I felt I had to do. No Stadiums yet, but here are the Trainer & Supporter blanks.


Credits for these blanks go to for providing the original scans in which I ripped them from, as well as Cascade for the borders.

I have assembled a Photoshop font guide which can be accessed at this page. Click ‘Download’ on the side of the page to get the .PSD.

[Image: HGSS_Trainer_Font_Guide_by_FlamingClaw.jpg]

A reverse-holo for the cards can be downloaded here:…-155269748
All credit for this goes to Cascade, all I did was clip around his holo.


I’m going to say this right now – I can’t release Pokémon resources until the second HGSS set scans are available. Why? There’s no metal or darkness cards available. When I do release the resources they will be for Cascade Gonpory’s HGSS blanks in his Scraps on DA:…wse/scraps

However, for those interested, this is what I’m working on…

[Image: venusaur_of_the_alt_colour_by_FlamingClaw.jpg]


[Image: Stunkinator_by_FlamingClaw.jpg][Image: Groudon_d_by_FlamingClaw.jpg]

Venusaur artwork from, Groudon artwork by Xous of the Pokébeach forums.


How to get free, legal music

Hi, this is the Flame Claw. This is something that I’m sure will be of use to many – after all, everyone likes something for free right? Whether you want a few new songs to listen to or some gear for Audiosurf, this should help you. The problem is that most websites offering free music are illegal “pirate” websites which I do not encourage, which is why I have compiled this list.

1 – GarageBand

GarageBand is a site which has a great number of lesser-known bands who are looking for some attention. This isn’t however, a YouTube for music – pretty much every song is a high-quality recording and there are quite a few gems to be found.

2 – Free Early & Renaissance Music

This page has a lot of classical recordings that are free to distribute, while this isn’t the sort of music you’d have on your MP3 player it could well be of use as BGM etc.

3 – Free Nine Inch Nails albums

A NIN album can be legally downloaded for free on the official website.

The Slip

4 – Free on Amazon


It has been cleverly hidden away a bit, but sometimes something interesting comes up here.

5 – Free on iTunes

While iTunes is pretty much a universally hated format, each week a new song is free to download featuring a new up-and-coming artist. The standard is pretty hit & miss, but sometimes there’s something decent.

6 –

Archive (yes, the one with the Wayback machine) has a large collection of older music digitally preserved with friendly Creative Commons slapped on it.

7 – Free Punk Rock

Fat Wreck has a lot of Punk Rock songs free to download by lesser-known bands.

8 – Spotify

I’m sure everyone’s heard about this now, if not, it’s an application that allows you to stream music for free. The only catch is that you have to put up with irritating ads.

9 – Free Public Domain Songs

This contains a lot of traditional songs to be downloaded for free. However it should be noted that the sound quality is fairly questionable in some cases.

10 – AOL Song Of The Day

Spinner Music (created by AOL) put a new song available for download every day.


Thank you for reading, I hope this can be a useful resource to people.




Yesterday evening the Flame Point counter flicked over 1000! Thanks everyone 🙂


Take Me Out – MW2 Montage

Hey all, this is another CoD montage, hope you enjoy. Watch for the awesome knife-throw at the start.

Song is “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand


Call Of Duty Poll + Dusk

What is your favourite recent call of duty?

Also, to close this off here is a random Dusknoir LP:


By the way, this blog nearly has the 1000 views I’m after, please tell your friends 😛


MW2: Another One Bites The Dust

Watch here

Sorry about no YouTube link, WMG killed it. Anyway, there’s a couple of interesting parts to this I guess.

– Flame

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