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Goodbye Halo 2

So, last week the Xbox Live servers for all Original Xbox games were switched off, meaning that those games are no longer playable online. One game in particular that I will miss is Halo 2, and therefore I made a tribute montage to the game.

❤ Flame


Take Me Out – MW2 Montage

Hey all, this is another CoD montage, hope you enjoy. Watch for the awesome knife-throw at the start.

Song is “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand


Lawsuit Battle For Fun

So, both Courtney Love and No Doubt aren’t too pleased with Activision.

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Guitar Hero 42 due December

another GH montage – it’s fairly old but I thought I should post it here.

There’s a new Guitar Hero, with pop songs that aimed at little kids.

By this, I mean Band Hero, which is Activision’s most recent entry to the GH franchise. I can only see this being a disaster, as the game is a PEGI 12 age rating, and from the demo I assume that that represents the maximum age rather than the minimum. After the fairly amazing graphical update in GH5, I don’t see why it is necessary to go to graphics that wouldn’t look out of place in a low-budget horror film. Everything seems way too colourful and this makes it strangely creepy.

The main stand-out problem is the neon-pink interface, which kills your eyes after a second of scrolling through a menu. The other stand-out problem is it’s competitor Lego Rock Band, which for a kids game looks absolutely awesome. The setlist is strong, using ‘well known songs’ as in older hits rather than the top 40 nonsense that Band Hero is full of. They also have celebrity characters that have actually earned their icon status – including Queen, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Band Hero has Taylor Swift and some Adam guy I’ve never heard of. Notice the difference?

Anyway, I’m going to stop now as I can see myself dragging this on, but I’m sure you get the point. The sad fact is that due to the GH series being more commercial I can guarentee Band Hero winning sales-wise, and a BH2 is inevitable.

Flameh out.


Rock Band Montages 1/2

For something to do in Pinnacle Studio now I finally got my capture card going, I made a couple of Rock Band montages (I think they count as montages, anyway), so here they are:



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