Neversoft have given up

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I updated this site :p

It’s pretty obvious that in the last few months that Neversoft (the company who make modern Guitar Hero) are seriously going down the bog. With the company being dropped by Activision after GH6’s release, there isn’t any hope of survival, and it seems that they’ve just given up already. There are a number of things that prove this –

1) No more imports

Remember back when GH5 was announced, and Neversoft made a big deal that you could import songs from GH World Tour and Greatest Hits? Only a small amount of the songs from those games actually imported and Neversoft promised that they would be able to liscence more songs to import at a later date? That was back around September. Now it’s April and not even a mention of it, which to me says that they just can’t be bothered.

2) Re-hash DLC + songs

This is a big one that’s came up recently. First case was that despite being World Tour, the Van Halen song Hot for Teacher was reused for GHVH. I wouldn’t have minded but WT is also full band, meaning that there was no reason for it’s reuseal, and could easily have been exported. More recently, the blink-182 song “First Date” has been released as GH5/BH DLC despite being on the GHVH disc. Now, in the April DLC lineup, we have a Lynyrd Skynyrd pack coming. Seems great right – best ever Southern Rock band coming to GH? But included in the pack is another release of Free Bird, that is already playable thanks to Greatest Hits imports. Yes, it has an alternate ending and is recharted, but it’s not really a good enough reason for a rerelease.

3) Disappearence of Neversoft account

This one might not stand out as much as the other points, but it may well have a reason here. On the Guitar Hero community site forums, the main admin account “Neversoft” used to be providing updates regularly on stuff such as DLC, competitions and the likes. Now it has pretty much disappeared, and all updates are given on Facebook in micro-posts. The fact that they put a time-wasting social network above their own built-up community is rediculous, especially when every post they make ends up with about 50 comments saying “y do u wast your time wit agame rather than lern a real guitar”.

I honestly hope that Neversoft manage to sort themselves out and go out with a bang for GH6, but it really doesn’t look promising, especially with all the hype behind the recently confirmed Rock Band 3.


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