HGSS Card Development

Here we go… from my post at http://www.pokemonacanthite.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4433 on the Acanthite forums.

Hello everybody, I have a fairly big announcement here Tongue

I’ve been working on a decent HGSS faking set-up as currently all we have is the blanks and that’s about it.While a lot of people have tried to take things into their own hands, quite often there have been problems of people not knowing for example what fonts to use, etc.

This is why I have started to try and create some sweet new resources for people to use. As there has only been one HGSS set so far (in English) there are some things currently missing but I thought I’d just post what I have.


No-one ever seems to have trainer-support so this was something I felt I had to do. No Stadiums yet, but here are the Trainer & Supporter blanks.


Credits for these blanks go to Pokebeach.com for providing the original scans in which I ripped them from, as well as Cascade for the borders.

I have assembled a Photoshop font guide which can be accessed at this page. Click ‘Download’ on the side of the page to get the .PSD.

[Image: HGSS_Trainer_Font_Guide_by_FlamingClaw.jpg]

A reverse-holo for the cards can be downloaded here: http://flamingclaw.deviantart.com/art/HG…-155269748
All credit for this goes to Cascade, all I did was clip around his holo.


I’m going to say this right now – I can’t release Pokémon resources until the second HGSS set scans are available. Why? There’s no metal or darkness cards available. When I do release the resources they will be for Cascade Gonpory’s HGSS blanks in his Scraps on DA: http://cascadegonpory.deviantart.com/gal…wse/scraps

However, for those interested, this is what I’m working on…

[Image: venusaur_of_the_alt_colour_by_FlamingClaw.jpg]


[Image: Stunkinator_by_FlamingClaw.jpg][Image: Groudon_d_by_FlamingClaw.jpg]

Venusaur artwork from Arkeis.com, Groudon artwork by Xous of the Pokébeach forums.


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