How to get free, legal music

Hi, this is the Flame Claw. This is something that I’m sure will be of use to many – after all, everyone likes something for free right? Whether you want a few new songs to listen to or some gear for Audiosurf, this should help you. The problem is that most websites offering free music are illegal “pirate” websites which I do not encourage, which is why I have compiled this list.

1 – GarageBand


GarageBand is a site which has a great number of lesser-known bands who are looking for some attention. This isn’t however, a YouTube for music – pretty much every song is a high-quality recording and there are quite a few gems to be found.

2 – Free Early & Renaissance Music


This page has a lot of classical recordings that are free to distribute, while this isn’t the sort of music you’d have on your MP3 player it could well be of use as BGM etc.

3 – Free Nine Inch Nails albums

A NIN album can be legally downloaded for free on the official website.

The Slip

4 – Free on Amazon


It has been cleverly hidden away a bit, but sometimes something interesting comes up here.

5 – Free on iTunes

While iTunes is pretty much a universally hated format, each week a new song is free to download featuring a new up-and-coming artist. The standard is pretty hit & miss, but sometimes there’s something decent.

6 – Archive.org


Archive (yes, the one with the Wayback machine) has a large collection of older music digitally preserved with friendly Creative Commons slapped on it.

7 – Free Punk Rock


Fat Wreck has a lot of Punk Rock songs free to download by lesser-known bands.

8 – Spotify


I’m sure everyone’s heard about this now, if not, it’s an application that allows you to stream music for free. The only catch is that you have to put up with irritating ads.

9 – Free Public Domain Songs


This contains a lot of traditional songs to be downloaded for free. However it should be noted that the sound quality is fairly questionable in some cases.

10 – AOL Song Of The Day


Spinner Music (created by AOL) put a new song available for download every day.


Thank you for reading, I hope this can be a useful resource to people.



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