Guitar Hero / Rock Band Mini-Guide

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So, this is the first moderately useful post I’ve put here in a while. The idea here is I know there are a lot of rhythm / music games out around this Christmas time, so I thought I’d break it down a bit.

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 is the most recent ‘proper’ game in the Guitar Hero (GH) series, and supports guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The song list focuses mostly on classic rock, hard rock, and metal. There are however, a few lighter, popular songs such as that by cartoon band Gorillaz with the song “Feel Good inc.”

Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 is Harmonix’s most recent ‘main’ game that was released last year. The game has about 80 songs on disc, with support for literally hundreds of downloadable songs, as well as the ability to import many of the songs from the first Rock Band game. Because of this, Rock Band is true to Harmonix’s original word – it’s more than a game, it’s a platform.

The Beatles: Rock Band

It’s a Rock Band game. Featuring the Beatles. What could go wrong? Answer – nothing. Features a story mode that follows the history of the band, and features 45 of the Beatles’ legendary songs. The later songs from after the Beatles stopped touring feature ‘dreamscapes’ which show the band in various scenarios relating the music.

Band Hero

This is basically Guitar Hero for kids. Everything is full of bright colours and it includes music from mostly top 40 artists. Although there are a few more well-known artists (Don McClean, The Turtles etc.) it’s mostly modern-day pop. Everything has been made kid-friendly (in some cases too far – they censored ‘whiskey’ in American Pie) and it’s very cartoon-based.

Lego Rock Band

This originally looked like a bad cash-in when it as first announced, but after playing it I can assure that it isn’t. It’s aimed at the same kind of audience as Band Hero, however it is far superior in many ways. By ‘well-known hits’, Lego Rock Band refers to music including Queen, Blur, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Some of the downloadable songs from Rock Band 2 are playable, providing that they pass a ‘family filter’. I can see why this happens, but it seems a bit random – how is ‘Somebody To Love’ by Queen offensive?

DJ Hero

Whereas other games in the genre are all aimed at guitar/rock, DJ Hero braves something different. Although a little expensive, the game comes with a DJ turntable controller and the object of the game is to mix songs together using gameplay similar to that of Guitar Hero, this time pressing buttons on the deck, as well as scratching and crossfading.

– Flame


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