Google Suggests Fun

Forget Chrome. Forget Google Earth. The best thing to hit Google by a mile is Google Suggest.

… Read more for ‘more’ pics XD

Second from bottom. Okay then.

3rd from bottom needs to go to school.

the antichrist…?

For monkey the bell tolls.

14,100,000. That’s worrying.

I kinda know what it actually means by ‘safe to fly when pregnant’, but it’s funny for the first few minutes.

Explains something maybe?

Looks like the Daily Mail is right, Facebook is full of stalkers.

I don’t want to know who the 4,200,000 people are.




1 Response to “Google Suggests Fun”

  1. October 28, 2011 at 08:53

    Riiight… Er, Freud? Get out of your grave, please! XD

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