Codern Warfare

From my post on CoDFaction: http://codfaction.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=151

This is something that only occured to me the other day when I had another go at CoD2 – CoD seems to be going in an entirely new direction. If you look at the older games such as CoD2 the gameplay seemed a lot more linear, yet it still managed to grip you – there was still a sense of story, but it wasn’t that complex.
On the other side, there’s CoD4, that is the absolute best shooter campaign that ever existed which had a very epic production, and the modern set-up worked and brought a new twist to the series.
The main thing is that due to the way the industry has moved forward, a new game with a Cod2 style storyline just wouldn’t sell, due to lack of that ‘epic production’. However, I personally feel that it isn’t actually needed, because I’d enjoy playing it as long as the gameplay is strong.
Another case is that the more recent games are a bit more mature – CoD:WaW was specifically marketed that way. This again works, but once you look through the extra decapitation you see it’s basically a WW2 CoD4. The other problem is that whatever the Daily Mail writes, people believe. I know I see controversy in a different light to most people, as you may have seen in my constant ‘airport’ jokes in relation to MW2. However for the most part, this gives a lot of ‘growing’ gamers who aren’t casual yet not hardcore a slight waryness of the game.
Anyway, which setup do you guys prefer?


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