Don’t play Dragonforce if you can’t play Dragonforce.

I bought the latest Guitar Hero (Greatest Hits) yesterday and it is still as enjoyable offline as other games. The career is good, the setlist is strong and it still has all of the new features introduced in World Tour, such as Create a Rocker and the Music Studio. However, there is one problem with the game. Through The Fire And Flames.

TTFAF isn’t a bad song, it is just extremely difficult. It seems that many people are just going online to play TTFAF on Expert to show off the fact that they can play it. I played about 10 online games last night and all of the songs that weren’t my choice was just Dragonforce. Over and over.

This was annoying as it is, but it’s worse when they can’t actually complete the intro. I was on Bass (Hard) and the other guy was on Expert guitar. The intro to TTFAF is charted as guitar, even though it’s really some keyboard effect. So the guy hits a few notes and then fails out. TBH, it could have just been a bad run, but if you’re going to pick the hardest song in the game to play online with people watching, you’d probably want to practice for a bit first.

– Flame



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